We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Accounting and bookkeeping

As a full-service client, your bookkeeping is integrated with other services. This means that your bookkeeping is linked to a budget and a business plan, and all financial transactions are recorded automatically. The result is that your bookkeeping and accounts run smoothly, completely without friction. This saves you time, work and money.

By linking a client funds account to the bookkeeping, we also manage all incoming and outgoing payments. All financial transactions relating to the property – revenues from forestry activities, rents, and leases, and expenses such as purchase of machines and road maintenance – are managed and recorded automatically.

Simplifies co-ownership

If a property has several owners, our accounting service is particularly practical when it comes to submitting tax returns. Expenses and revenues are allocated automatically according to ownership percentage, and no single owner needs to make payments on behalf of the business. Together with your client team, liquidity is planned in association with the work on the budget.

Current balance always visible

Because the client funds account is linked to your business activity, you can always see the current balance on My Pages. This enables you to keep a close check on transactions and other financial activities in your business.

Complete control – and avoid the paperwork

The accounts are reported at the interval of your choice, generally quarterly, and are displayed on My Pages. You receive a detailed and clear report on the current financial situation. If you have several business divisions, and maybe even several companies, these can also be integrated with the bookkeeping and with the business tax return. This saves a tremendous amount of work, minimises sources of error, and ensures more efficient management of costs.

Advantages of our accountancy and bookkeeping service

  • Problem-free everyday finances.· All financial information gathered in one place, one point of contact.· Minimises the number of sources of error.
  • More cost-effective than a separate accounting and bookkeeping service.
  • Integrated with the rest of your personal economy.
  • Current balance of the client funds account shown on My Pages.

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Sofia Johansson, ekonomikonsult i Stockholm.

Our clients save a lot of money by coordinating their forest business with the rest of their private economy. It’s the coordination that lies at the core of forest management. I, the manager and the client form an unbeatable team – I know all about taxes and finance, the manager knows the forest, and the client knows their goals and expectations.

Sofia Johansson, Financial Consultant at Skogssällskapet.